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Attendees that made donations at various 2004 antique machinery & railroad events we displayed at.

Attendees that made donations at various 2005 antique machinery & mining industry trade shows.

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Steve Netta

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Ray Miller

Casey Miller

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John Suckoe

Dale Tyjeski

James Family

James Brothers Coal

Marion 7200 News:

Volunteers from 4 states began dismantling the Marion 7200 in Mid-September 2004.  Many hours and weekends have been put in dismantling and getting it ready for transportation.

Four legal loads was transported to HCRHP grounds on August 6, 2005.   An additional load with the Cummins engine and other parts was transported to Soenlen Bros. Sand & Gravel.  They will be overhauling the Cummins Engine.  On October 15, 2005 the Fairbanks-Morse engine was transported to Ted Hawk's.   The Hawk family is doing maintenance work on the engine and plans to exhibit the engine with photos of the dragline at antique machinery shows.

In early March 2006 the tub, main deck, boom, side frames, and walking towers was transported the HCRHP grounds. All remaining small pieces was transported to the ground by the end of March.

 Many volunteer hours have been given to this project.  Without the volunteers, support equipment, and donations the project would not be successful.   The project was saved by the dedicated volunteers and support equipment providers.  

Funds are currently being raised for the Marion 7200 fund.  Fund supports reassemble, acquisition, restoration, and maintenance costs. 

Your Support is greatly appreciated.

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Marion 7200 Walking Dragline Information:

Donated By James Brothers Coal Company and the James Family

Year:      Early 1950's

Boom:   120ft

Bucket:  7 yard

Engines:   Fairbanks-Morse

Marion 7200 Walking Dragline History

Marion Power Shovel of Marion, Ohio, entered the walking dragline market with the introduction of the 7200 model. The Model 7200 proved to be Marion's second biggest seller, with 57 units built between 1939 and 1957.  Used widely in both construction and surface mining, the 7200  also saw use in larger projects, including the construction of the Delta - Mendota Canal in wesley, California.

The Last Marion 7200 produced was purchased by Marquette Cement.  It was later sold to Collins Mining Company, and was operated by them until being idled and scrapped.  Thanks to the generousity of Rhueben Bradshaw,  the HCRHP has the builders plate from this unit. Plans are to have it displayed on, or near, the 7200 once preservation is complete.