HCRHP Preservation Projects

An Overview:

The HCRHP is currently involved in several projects.  We are currently preserving a Marion 111-M crawler dragline, a Marion 7200 Walking Dragline, and Insley L Dragline. We are currently in negotiations with a number of shovels & dragline owners about possible acquisitions.

There is currently has one private owned Shovel on site year round.


Current Projects:

Marion 111-M Preservation


Marion 7200 Preservation



Insley Model L Dragline Preservation


Park Maintenance & Improvements:

The park is maintained by volunteers, and we can always use more help.  Besides the typical grounds care, we are also looking for people willing to invest their time and skills in the preservation of the equipment.

Ultimately our goal is to restore each item to "like new" condition, however much work is needed to accomplish this. 

More will be posted on the specific needs of the park, at a later date.  One possibility may be an "Adopt a Machine" campaign, in which volunteers will focus their efforts on a single piece of equipment, and the machine will be dedicated, in their honor.

Machinery Projects:

Current Projects:

Cletrac BGS dozer:

Thanks to Ray Miller's Excavating for providing transportation & off sight storage for this donation. Ray Miller, Casey Miller, Steve Netta, Donnie Cairns, and Bryan Coulson have been working on Cletrac BGS. Clutches was relined and other work is being preformed.

Caterpillar 14E Road Grader

Thanks to the Buckeye Vintage Haulers and Buckeye Vintage Diggers for providing transportation for this Donation. The grader was exhibited in 2005, 2006, and 2007 at their annual show by the HCRHP. Their club has been doing maintenance & mechanical work to the grader.

Addition information and photos Click Here

Caterpillar 977

Bill Pugh and Bob Powley have been working on the Caterpillar 977. Don Stewart loaned us a much needed maintenance manual. Larry Perry offered to loan his manuals if needed.

Future Projects:

The next planned project is the Dart bottom dump.

Dragline Projects:

See individual draglines for information.