Insley L Dragline

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Donated by:   Lawrence Wittmer
                    Alpine Designs/21st Homes

Year:    1966

Bucket:     5/8 yard

Boom:   35ft

Engine:  4 cyl.  Caterpillar (direct start)

Insley L Dragline news:

In early 2005 the Insley L dragline was moved to a members farm for mechanical work.   The bucket and center section of the boom was stored inside another members building.  

 In late August-early September 2005 the Inlsey L was cleaned, received new cable, and put the the test digging a stream.   The Friday before the start of the 43 rd annual Stumptown Steam Threshers the Insley L was transported the HCRHP Grounds.   It was operated during the 2nd Annual Old Construction & Surface Mining Equipment Show held in conjuction with Stumptown.  

During the 3 rd Annual Old Construction & Surface Mining Equipment Show in 2006 the Insley L was in operation and some maintenance was done.

In June 2007 the two clutches was removed and relined. During a scheduled work day the relined clutches was put in and dragline was in operation for adjustments. More Clutch relining and mechanical work will need done in the future.

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